Weekly Updates: While we Ramp Up!

  • Rust servers updated but wiped. Check HERE for more information.
  • More game servers to come soon!
author image by DeafCHIMP | 0 Comments | July 17, 2020

TOG Weekly : Episode 1

Hello everyone, happy Friday July 17th to you. We have some new goals around community building, communication and growth. We are learning, please share your thoughts and feedback openly.


As some of you may have noticed, we have recently partnered with a modder, his growing Ark community, and some of their server hardware partnerships.

As the name would suggest they are VERY 420 friendly. If you are into the gently older, chiller, slower crowd, it just might become your new hangout.

With 420 Pub joining that means we will have 420 friendly Discord channels, 420 mods for games, and 420 game servers with the mods.

This is an effort to grow as a group and reach even more high-quality gamers like your awesome selves.

Please join me in welcoming the 420 Pub Inc., 420 Mods and the young but growing 420 Ark community!


4 ARK server cluster (Rag, Ab, Ext, Isles) with 420 mods+ * 2 vanilla ARK servers that aren’t clustered * Minecraft * Rust * Conan Exiles * Killing Floor 2 * The Forest.

As part of the merge with 420 Pub we are able to really expanded our game server list. Always feel free to ask if you are looking for a game we don’t currently host.


+15 this week for 250+ total Discord members!!! We are all super stoked about this!!!
More members = More Perks * More Activities * More Games * Community Clans * Community Guild Tools.
This is a big step for all of us. We wouldn’t be where we are at today without ya’ll. YOU my people are AWESOME!
Keep up the great work spreading our wonderful community to your (better) friends 😉

Future Sections

None of us, is greater than all of us. Insert you, let us know what you have seen, or liked, or wanted to try with a format like this.

Happy surviving, or dying, or learning, or however you like your in-game-pain! -Monkey says Ugh?

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