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  • Rust servers updated but wiped. Check HERE for more information.
  • More game servers to come soon!
author image by DeafCHIMP | 0 Comments | August 11, 2020

Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing well. So there were supposed to be announcements last week but DeafCHIMP decided to save as a draft instead of publishing. Here are the latest announcements.


So we have really pushed our Discord member count up the last couple of weeks. We now have over 275 members! That is great stuff. This would not have happened without everyone’s work. Keep it up and invite your friends!

420 Pub Inc.

The 420 Pub Alien Plants Ark Mod has been doing great. We have over 600 subscribers to the mod! Ugh has been doing great work on the mod to get it to where it is now and more to come with it. Be sure to check it out in the workshop and be sure to rate it!



We are finalizing the ports for all of the servers we have running to make things more organized and smoother. The full list will be ready very soon. We also have a few more games we will be hosting which are currently being worked on. We will have a post all about servers discussing everything going on with them.


As you all should know, web hosting and game servers aren’t free. Currently the server are mostly paid for out of pocket by several community members. All donations from Patreon, paypal, server packs, etc. will be put directly back into the community. The main point being the servers. Our current goal is to raise $225/month which will cover most of the fees. Donations are never required but ALWAYS appreciated. We will be posting with the weekly updates how we are doing with the goal.


We are also going to be saying thanks to all of our Patreons for the month with announcements as well. All patreons will also be mentioned in social media, youtube, streams, etc.

Patreons of the month:

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