Rust TOG PvE updates

  • Rust servers updated but wiped. Check HERE for more information.
  • More game servers to come soon!
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PvE Decay Timers have been changed!

Building Materials

  • Twig has been changed from 1 Hour, to 8 Hours.
  • Wood has been changed from 3 Hours, to 16 Hours.
  • Stone has been changed from 5 Hours, to 24 Hours.
  • Metal has been changed from 8 Hours, to 32 Hours.
  • Top Tier has been changed from 12 Hours, to 48 hours.


From 240 Minutes to 600 minutes. This will allow users to keep em around a bit longer with the changed health.

Vehicle Changes

Vehicles driven by a user other than the Rust Car, are given to that owner however unless parked inside of the range of a cupboard can be stolen.

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